iStories educational pack by Jess Laccetti
What's your story? - Education Pack

The first Education Pack was created as a way of facilitating learning from a new media fiction. Today we realise that many educators face a predicament. On the one hand there are anxieties about the reliability of internet sites and concerns regarding how to educate students to make informed online decisions. On the other hand there are, for example, government initiatives like the National Curriculum in England and Media Literacy outcomes in Canada which emphasise the important role technological skills play in all sorts of learning environments. But how can teachers successfully integrate new media literacies into the classroom?

Building on the success of the first Education Pack and paralleling Alice's development, the second teaching and learning resource offers lessons geared towards the latest episode. The pack also focuses on using in a variety of scenarios.

The downloadable Education Pack (pdf) is available free of charge from this site. Please fill in the required fields below and click 'send' to receive links to the and Inanimate Alice Education Packs.

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